Semi-Finished Products

Frozen Semi-Finished Meet Products by Mr. Food

Mr. Food is a producer of high-quality frozen semi-finished meet products.

Tempo of modern living does not allow housewives to spend a lot of time at the kitchen, but they still wish to treat a family with a nice dinner. We understand that and offer a wide range of frozen pierogis (vareniki), dumplings, meat pies, beefsteaks, meat balls, cutlets, barbeques and other semi-finished products using meat and fish, as well as various pastries.

The production of frozen semi-finished products is a focal area of the Company. To ensure that the products are delicious and of high quality, our technologists carefully select all the ingredients for their preparation.

Producing semi-finished meat products is a multistage and complex process. At our factory, there is a strictly established production technology, at which all the necessary sanitary norms and requirements are fully observed. We guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Mr. Food is engaged in not only production of semi-finished meat and fish products, but also autonomously arranges delivery. You can always buy fresh products in many shops of the city.

By buying frozen semi-finished meat products by Mr. Food, you would enjoy the taste of home dishes without wasting time on their cooking!