Mr. Food has a rich selection of delicious baked foods. We offer both freshly baked ready-to-eat pastry and frozen pies, as well as those that are processed by using a blast-freezing method.

There is no difference which stuffing is used during the cooking process – meat, fruit, or minced fish, as it always meets high quality standards for such types of product.

We pay special attention to the need to meet our customers’ expectations, so there could be no doubt that our frozen pies could leave untouched the most fastidious fanciers of freshly-baked pastry.

You can buy ready-made pastry by contacting our consulting managers by phone, which is indicated on the website.

Belyash with Meat
Состав: dough, beef, pork, onion, water, salt, black pepper, chicken bouillon, oil
Belgian Waffles
Состав: wheat flour, sugar, salt, vanillin
Curd Patty (Vatrushka)
Состав: dough, water, margarine, sugar, cottage cheese, vanillin, egg
Cottage-Cheese Muffin with Apple
Состав: cottage cheese, wheat flour, sugar, water, vanillin
Chocolate Muffin
Состав: sugar, water, oil, wheat flour, vanillin, chocolate
Cherry Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, fresh-frozen cherry, sugar
Cabbage pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, cabbage, carrot, onion, oil, salt, vinegar, dry paprika, black pepper
Cabbage and Egg Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, cabbage, egg, unsalted butter, salt
Potato and Onion Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, potato, onion, oil, salt
Raspberry Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, raspberry, sugar, egg
Meat Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, beef, onion, salt, black pepper
Rice and Egg Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, egg, rice, unsalted butter, salt, sugar
Apple Pies (Pirozhki)
Состав: dough, dried apples, sugar, cinnamon
Sausage roll
Состав: dough, chicken smoked sausage
Meat Samosa
Состав: dough, beef, salt, jeera, black pepper, red pepper, egg, wheat flour, sesame seeds
Cheese Samosa
Состав: dough, suluguni cheese, egg, wheat flour
Cheese Pasty (Cheburek)
Состав: dough, suluguni cheese, wheat flour, oil.
Chicken Elesh
Состав: dough, chicken, potato, onion, oil, salt, sugar, spices
Apricot Puff (Sloika)
Состав: puff-paste, dry apricot, sugar, egg
Apple Puff (Sloika)
Состав: puff-paste, dry apple, sugar, egg

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