Ready-Made Meals

Our priorities are production of ready-made hot meals, ready-made cutlets, meat products, varieties of soups and side dishes.
You will find a large selection of ready-made frozen meals in or List of Products.
Solyanka with Meat
Состав: beef, sausages, ham, pickles, onion, carrot, black olives, spices
Pea Soup with Smoked Meat
Состав: potato, pea, carrot, onion, carbonade, bacon, spices
Noodle Chicken Soup
Состав: chicken, potato, carrot, onion, homemade noodles, spices
Borsch with Cabbage
Состав: cabbage, potato, red beet, beef, carrot, tomato paste, salt, garlic
Homemade Fish Cutlets
Состав: codfish (fresh-frozen), mayonnaise, oil, onion, wheat flour, egg, farina, parsley, salt, black pepper
Fried Codfish in Dough
Состав: codfish filet, wheat flour, egg, sour cream, whole milk, oil, fresh dill, salt, black pepper
Soft-Fried Pollock
Состав: pollock filet, wheat flour, egg, sour cream, milk, oil, fresh dill, salt, black pepper
Beefsteak Kazak Style
Состав: beef, pork, onion, salt, fresh garlic, black pepper, wheat flour, oil
Состав: vine leaf, beef, chicken, onion, rice, adjika sauce, parsley, coriander, black pepper, salt, fresh garlic, sauce
Chicken Zraza (Pie)
Состав: chicken breast filet, chicken quarter filet, onion,  wheat bread, salt, black pepper, fresh champignons, oil, crackers
Cutlets Minsk Style
Состав: chicken filet, egg, mayonnaise, salt, mustard, onion, fresh garlic, oil, dill, salt, black pepper
Cutlets from Chef
Состав: beef, chicken quarter filet, onion, salt, oil, black pepper
Pozharski Cutlets
Состав: chicken filet, wheat bread, water, egg, salt, black pepper
Home-Style Cutlets
Состав: pork, chicken quarter filet, water, onion, oil, salt, black pepper
Cutlets Kiev Style
Состав: chicken breast filet, butter, water, egg, wheat flour, salt
Chicken Cutlets
Состав: chicken, onion, oil, wheat bread, water, crackers, salt, black pepper
Backed Meat in Julien Sauce
Состав: pork, mayonnaise, onion, salt, white pepper, spices, tomatoes, cheese, oil, champignons
Meat French Style
Состав: pork, onion, tomatoes, milk, oil, mayonnaise, Russian cheese, chicken bouillon, sugar, dill, salt
Chicken Pancakes
Состав: chicken filet, mayonnaise, water, oil, onion, wheat flour, parsley, salt, fresh garlic, black pepper
Beef Pilaf Uzbek Style
Состав: rice, beef, carrot, water, oil, onion, salt, fresh garlic, jeera, black pepper, coriander

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