Bliny, Cottage-Cheese Pancakes, Baked Pudding

Bliny (Pancakes) and Cottage-Cheese Pancakes Production

Do you love bliny the way we like them? A traditional Russian dish with different fillings, among which the most popular are meat, cottage cheese, cherry, ham and cheese - constantly in high demand.

Experienced housewives know what ingredients to add to make bliny delicious, and our experts adequately compete with them. For the production of our bliny, we use natural products familiar to everyone: Water, wheat flour, chicken egg, whole and dried milk, vegetable oil, etc. All bliny are hand-baked. They are homemade, not manufactured by automatic equipment. Buy delicious ready-made bliny by Mr. Food.

Would you like to buy bliny in bulk?

If you want to buy ready-made bliny in bulk, you can be acquainted with the full range of products in the "List of Products" section and contact our experienced consultants by phone indicated on the website for ordering. Individual approach to each client is guaranteed.

Our Branded Ready-Made Cottage-Cheese Pancakes (Syrniki)

We have developed our own unique recipe for the production of cottage-cheese pancakes. You can buy ready-made syrniki in the quantities you need, and we, in turn, will offer profitable purchase conditions and arrange delivery. We aim at long-term cooperation.

Ham and Cheese Bliny
Состав: crepes, cheese, ham
Cherry Bliny
Состав: crepes, cherry, sugar
Meat Bliny
Состав: crepes, beef, onion, pepper
Cottage-cheese Bliny
Состав: crepes, cottage cheese, sour cream
Cottage-Cheese Syrniki
Состав: pancakes, cottage cheese, mélange, flour, oil
Baked Pudding
Состав: cottage cheese, sugar, mélange, oil

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